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Wavestorm riders continue to inspire us day after day. From the groms learning to ride their first wave to the professional surfers enjoying a carefree surf session, we have seen Wavestorm grow into one of the most well-known surf brands in the world. This popularity is all thanks to our riders who share the stoke of surfing and SUPing every day in the water, online and beyond! We thank every one for sharing the stoke of going out, getting up and “wavestorming.”  Have an inspiring Wavestorm story? Share with us at wavestorm.official@agit-global.com and as always share with us online with #GoWavestorming !!


Q: How long have you been surfing?

A: Surfing for 20 years and standup paddle surfing for 3 years

Q: Where do you live?

A: Originally from Waianae but living in Kapolei, Hawaii

Q: What are your surf spots?

A: Surf spots are Ala Moana Courts in the summer, Laniakea, Alii, Ehukai beach park in the winter, also secret spot on the south west side of the island of Oahu.

Q: What inspired your modifications?

A: The Taquito only came with the single fin setup which was fun to ride but I was curious to know what would the boundaries be if we converted it with some quad fin setup.  Most of my boards are equipped with the four fins so I looked around to see how I would be able to make the transition.

Q: What modifications did you make?

A: So I grabbed 2 fins off of a 5′-8″ Sushi board for the front fins and took 2 fins off of a BZ soft top for the rear fins which were smaller.  Got some fin knowledge from a master shaper Jimmy Lewis from Paia, Maui, took those measurements and started to plug away installing the quad fins.  When it was done everything looked super on point and I had the feeling like it was gonna work really well!

Q: How have these modifications affected your surfing?

A: The quad setup has enabled the board to go a lot faster down the line and still allow it to make quick pivot turns in the pocket, on the lip as well as capable of bringing the board all the way around for a solid roundhouse cutback.  With the single fin I would be worried about the wave outrunning the board but with the new setup I can accelerate in front of the wave or keep it at the same speed of the wave!


Images from Derek Hama ( Instagram @derekhama)

Please note and be aware, user inflicted damages and modifications to any board are not covered under AGIT and Wavestorm standard Warranty nor any third party Warranty coverage!

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